Sustainable, Affordable Technology for All

IT solutions

We specialise in providing affordable technology solutions to marginalised communities. Through sustainable re-use, we bring affordable enterprise grade computer equipment to the ordinary person and the budget conscious. 

 Renewable energy

We believe electricity should be a basic right. That is why we have formed strategic partnerships to bring renewable solar energy to marginalised communities. We offer solutions focused on cost effective, sustainable clean products. 

 Reducing e-waste

We believe in securing a sustainable future that is conscious of reduction of our environmental impact. We advocate for maximising on the life of technology assets to reduce carbon emissions and electronic waste.  


In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Asterique is committed to: 


  1. Support the marginalized and disadvantaged by allowing equitable access to technology which has almost become a basic need in today's technology age. We commit to putting a PC, laptop, tablet or phone in the hands of every child, school or community.  
    UN Goal 10: Reduce Inequalities
  2. Help educate the children in underprivileged communities by giving them free or affordable access to technology.
    UN Goal 4: Quality Education
  3. Empower women and girls by giving them equal access to technology.
    UN Goal 5: Gender Equality 
  4. Bring clean renewable electricity to communities detached from the electricity grids through sustainable re-use of solar technology from developed countries like Australia.
    UN Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
  5. Reducing carbon emissions by:  
    UN Goal 13: Climate Action. 
    • maximising the use of IT equipment,
    • re-purposing and re-using already manufactured equipment to avoid re-polluting the earth unnecessarily
    • establishing and strategically locating electronic waste collection centers in the Southern African region to sustainably deal with end-of-life / unusable equipment.